Writing articles: I have a post-graduate diploma in news journalism and a wealth of journalistic experience from hard news to features and reviews, writing for newspapers, women's magazines and lifestyle publications. I love searching out stories, coming up with fresh angles and ideas, and digging into the nitty gritty of people's lives. 

Writing content: Whether you're looking for blog posts, copy for your website, or a newsletter for your subscribers, I can create original, engaging content that will catch the eye of consumers and help move you up those Google searches. I have worked with large corporate clients, small businesses and individuals to deliver their messages and brand clearly, concisely and with flair. 

Copy-editing and proof-reading: Perhaps you've written some content yourself but aren't sure it's quite right. I will check it for accuracy, grammar and spelling, but above all I'll ensure that every sentence is compelling, perfectly phrased and crafted to reach your target audience.